Customizable Student Tours for Groups

Ancient Rome and Renaissance

Piazza del Campo things to see in Siena

Explore the history of ancient, medieval and modern Italy. From Colosseum, and Roman Forum to Medieval Florence, world’s capital of Renaissance. From breathtaking Siena, to San Gimignano, the most beautiful small town in Italy. Why not to visit Ferrari museum in Modena and end the tour on Grand Canal ride in Venice.

South of Italy & Barcelona

Explore Sorrento and Capri Island, favourite Summer retreats of Roman Emperors and Senators. Walk long the streets of Ancient Pompeii, created in 75 AD, visit Colosseum, walk along Forum, taste gelato at Trevi Fountain and enjoy ferry ride to Barcelona with visit to Sagrada Familia.

Southern Italy & Greece

Start you adventure traversing Southern Italy and Greece. Explore Rome’s historic sites, enjoy a choir at St. Peter’s Basilica, visit Naples, and discover ancient Sorrento and Capri. Travel to Puglia, then ferry to Greece to experience Ancient Olympia, the Palace of Agamemnon, Corinth Canal, and vibrant Athenian Plaka. this rich, educational group tour is an adventure that awaits.

Rome, Capri Island, Sicily, and Malta

Your students will enjoy this group tour exploring Rome’s historic sites, Pompeii’s remains, and Palermo’s Grand Cathedral. Experience unique Sicilian BBQ, ascend active Mt. Etna, and discover Malta’s resilient history, including the 1956 Siege. With 345 sunny days, engaging history, and vibrant culture, this meticulously planned educational adventure offers an unforgettable learning experience for students in Rome, Sicily, and Malta.