Customizable Student Tours for Groups

Why Mariden

With over 30 years of experience traveling the world building relationships with the best providers of hotels, excursions, and restaurants we know what it takes to give the best tour for the money.

We offer quality tours like no other. Our tours are crafted to maximize time and effeciency so there is more time enjoying and learning about the sites than sitting on a bus.

  • Educational group tours since 1991.
  • Over 37.000 travellers on five continents, 47 countries, and over 450 cities
  • Centrally located downtown or beach hotels only
  • Faster flight connections¬†
  • Independent groups (we do not mix unknown groups)
  • Open buffet breakfast
  • No fast food
  • Inside visit of all prominent sites
  • Longer distances covered by flights or speedy trains
  • Professional multilingual tour director¬†


Mario Skrpec, CEO!
(The elephant is on the left)

Centrally Located or Beach Hotels

One thing that can makes a satisfying tour is the hotel you stay in. All our hotels have been thoroughly vetted and enjoyed. We only work with the best and centrally located hotels so you and your group have more time to visit the sites yo uwant to see. With every hotel, we aim to provide the following:

  • Walking distance from the main sites
  • Open buffet breakfasts
  • Safely located 3 & mostly 4-star hotels
  • Accommodations in double rooms


Nothing ruins your excitement more than having to spend more hours traveling than exploring. Long layovers and multiple connections are kept to a minimum.

With every flight, we ensure the following:

  • The most direct flights possible
  • We name your carrier before the deposit
  • Major world airlines only
  • Minimized layover time

Dinner in Local Restaurants

When traveling with Mariden you never need to worry about eating a satisfying meal. Mariden provides a cultural experience like no other, right down to the food you eat.

With every meal, we ensure the following:

  • No junk food!
  • Full course meals
  • Local Authentic Cuisine!
  • Restaurants are close to hotels

Independent Groups

Big groups or small groups are not a problem. Travel with just your friends and have a more intimate experience or join another group and make new friends as you explore.

With every group, we ensure the following:

  • Mixed groups only by request
  • In-depth educational experience
  • Spend more time at sites